6 questions to ask before choosing an airport transportation service

You are a busy person with a morning flight to catch. You need to be at the international terminal in time to collect your boarding pass. Relying on the hotel to provide you with an airport shuttle service is risky. What you need is an airport taxi to get you to the airport on time.

In the same way, think of the situation when you have just landed at Sydney airport or Melbourne airport. All these airport terminals have prepaid cabs at your service. Yet, there is a lengthy queue or excessive waiting time to nab the cab. After a long and tiring journey, do you have the energy to wait for a taxi?

Considering all these factors, it is best to pre-book a reliable airport taxi service for your ongoing flights.

With so many airport taxis mulling about, which one to choose? Are there any critical factors to consider in the selection? Use this questionnaire to help you find the right taxi for your airport transfer.

6 Questions to ask while choosing an Airport Taxi

When choosing an airport transportation service, be sure to ask these six questions.

1. Where are you located?

You might be surprised to know that most people always choose a taxi service situated close to the airport. This is, in fact, a gross mistake.

Your home, hotel, or office might be miles away from the airport. The taxi has to travel all the way to pick you up or drop you off. Instead, can save lots of time if you find a taxi located midway between your location and the airport terminal.

So, the first question to ask a taxi driver is how far he is from the airport and your destination.

2. When are your working hours?

As a working professional or a successful entrepreneur, you have to work all odd hours to interact with clients. Imagine a US client calling you up for a crisis at work. You have to rush from Australia to New York at 2 in the morning. you can book your international flight to JFK Airport, but will your taxi pick you up and drop you off at such an odd and early hour? This is the question.

You must find a dedicated taxi service that works 24×7 and is committed to serving you at any hour of the night and day. All you must do is a phone call to book the taxi and the taxi must be at your doorstep at the designated hour. This is the kind of punctuality and customer service you need from an airport transfer taxi.

3. Do you perform flight tracking?

International charter flights can be crazy. They have erratic schedules with excessive delays. You must keep tracking the flight to know when it lands.

With your hectic work itinerary, it is better if the taxi does this tacking for you. Find a taxi that will track your flight and be in time to pick you up or drop you off. Your taxi provider must be conscious of the airline’s check-in deadline to ensure you reach on time and do not miss the flight.

4. What are the taxi costs and payment options?

When you book a taxi, this is probably the first thing most people want to check out. They think that airport taxis cost a packet. However, it is not so. Not all taxis fleece you with outrageous rates. You can scout and find a taxi that offers a competitive price for your airport transfer.

Just check out if the taxi service accepts credit card, debit card, or phone transfer payments. Most taxicabs go cashless these days and allow you to book and pay through apps. Check with the taxi provider about the modes of payment they offer and do the cost comparison and estimates beforehand.

5. Are there any taxi amenities?

Not everyone is lucky to go on pleasure trips. Some people travel to foreign cities for medical treatment too. Check to see if there are any amenities.

Does your taxi service support individuals with disabilities? Do they have wheelchairs and adult seat belts for those with severe disabilities? Is the taxi staff courteous and helpful to passengers with disabilities? These are questions to ask and ascertain before you select a taxi for such a person.

6. Why should I choose you over other taxi service providers?

Finally, ask about their USP and other general questions regarding the taxi company. How long has the taxi provider been in business? This is the question you must ask to know if this taxi is dependable.

Next, what is the unique offering that the taxi service has that others don’t? Do they offer enough security for passengers? Do they have seat belts and child safety harnesses in their private vehicles?

Do they help passengers safely carry their baggage and personal items? Do they offer any extra protection for expensive items, fragile items, and critical items? Do they adhere to traffic safety rules? Make sure you ask all these questions during your airport taxi selection process.

For all your future flights and international round trips, prebook a reliable airport transportation service that answers all these questions to your complete satisfaction like Elegant Charters.


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