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    Why Choose Elegant Charters?

    Maxi Taxi Perth 2Reliable: Elegant Charters is the most trusted taxi service provider in Perth.

    Maxi Taxi Perth 2100% confirmed booking: When we commit, we deliver – guaranteed bookings every time.

    Maxi Taxi Perth 2Competitive prices: Affordable and comfortable rides offer the best of both worlds.

    Maxi Taxi Perth 2Various payment options: Choose how to pay, we aim to make payment as smooth and accessible as possible.

    Maxi Taxi Perth 2Free Cancellation*: Change of plans? We offer no fees during the cancellation or rescheduling process, depending upon availability.

    Maxi Taxi Perth 2Quote in 30 sec: Prompt responses ensure your enquiries are answered quickly.

    Maxi Taxi Perth 224*7 Customer service: Elegant Charters provides full assistance to answer all queries and provide travel help for all customers.

    Maxi Taxi Perth 2Clean cars: It's extremely important for us to keep our fleet of vehicles clean, both inside and out. We take pride in our work and providing a satisfying travel experience for all customers.

    Maxi Taxi Perth 2Large taxi fleet: We have a wide range of vehicles, including Sedans, 7-seater cars, 13-seater Maxi Taxis, and 24-seater Mini Buses.

    Reliable and Comfortable Maxi Taxi and Maxi Cab Services in Perth

    Welcome to Elegant Charters, your premier provider of maxi taxis and maxi cab services in Perth, Western Australia! We are the go-to choice for reliable and comfortable transportation for special events and occasions. Whether you need to go to the airport with a large group, complete a large corporate transfer, plan for group tours, or even attend special events, Elegant Charters’ maxi taxi and maxi cab service is the perfect solution. Our vehicles are fully insured and can accommodate up to 24 passengers, making them ideal for larger groups.

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    Elegant Charters’ maxi taxi, maxi van and maxi cab services are available for long-distance travel and also for larger groups. Our maxi cab services can accommodate up to 13 passengers, making them ideal for carrying large groups, so that you don’t have to worry about squeezing into a smaller vehicle or taking multiple trips. We also offer maxi vans, which are perfect for when you need to transport a large group of people. Our maxi vans can accommodate up to 24 passengers and come with a range of amenities. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, our maxi vans will make your journey comfortable and stress-free.

    At Elegant Charters, we offer the best maxi taxis, maxi cabs, and maxi vans 24 hours a day, all at standard taxi rates. Our professional drivers are highly experienced and always ensure that you reach your destination on time. Contact us today to book!

    Enjoy Group Transfers with Elegant Charters

    Elegant Charters offers a 24-hour taxi service with its large fleet of vehicles. Finding a vehicle that’s suitable for a large group is often vital, as groups typically wish to stick together when travelling. With our Perth maxi taxi service, finding a big carrier for your group becomes easier and gives you peace of mind for efficient group transfers.

    If you need a maxi taxi service in Perth, Elegant Charters is the perfect choice. Our 10-seater and 13-seater taxis, maxi vans and maxi cabs provide ample space, storage, and experienced drivers to help get you to your destination. Whether you’re headed out for the night or on your way to a special holiday, book our maxi cab services today using our online booking form or call us at our contact number to get an instant quote.

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    Maxi Taxi Services in Perth at Affordable Prices

    Elegant Charters provides economic and reliable taxi services in and around the Perth area. Our fleet of maxi taxis is available to pick you up from anywhere in the city and take you to your destination. Whether you’re looking for a quick trip to the airport, need a ride to a business meeting, or just want to get around Perth city, we have you covered. Our affordable prices and friendly customer service make us the top choice for maxi taxi ride services in Perth, even in busy times. We offer a wide range of services that you can easily choose from, including: Reliable Airport Transfers, Baby Seats and Capsules, Wedding Taxi and Excess Luggage: Trailers.

    Reliable Airport Transfers

    Do you need a Perth airport pickup after a long and stressful flight? Or do you need a timely airport drop-off service? Elegant Charters offers the best airport transfer services in this area with our cosy and warm rides. Whether you’re going to an international airport or a domestic airport, we’ve got you covered. The best part – we don’t charge an airport surcharge and we can even go the extra mile of holding up a sign with your name at the airport. This way, we can help you get your luggage easily into the vehicle.

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    Elegant Charters - Taxi

    Baby Seats and Capsules

    Looking for a taxi service complete with a baby seat? Ideal for families with toddlers and small babies, our maxi cabs with baby seats help you strap your child in safely in the backseat without any worries. Luckily, you don’t have to pay a dime for our baby seats and baby capsules because they are entirely free as part of our regular service.

    Wedding Taxi

    Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days in your life. You don’t want poor transportation to spoil things, which is why Elegant Charter offers affordable rides that will get you and your guests where you need to go quickly and efficiently! If you have different pick-up locations or just need extra time than what’s allotted on public transport, give us a call to provide us with all location details prior to travel. Our reliable services, including our luxury vans and experienced drivers, can add to the beautiful memory of your wedding day.

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    Excess Luggage: Trailer

    If you require extra luggage or the transportation of unique items such as surfboards during vacation then look no further than us! Our friendly and professional drivers will be happy to help with any questions that may come up along the way so don’t hesitate – just contact us today. Once we are in communication with you we will ensure that you receive a comprehensive quote within 24 hours outlining associated costs.


    1. What type of maxi taxi services does Elegant Charters offer?

    Elegant Charters offers a variety of maxi taxi services including regular maxi taxis, maxi cabs, and maxi vans.

    2. Does Elegant Charters offer a 'Meet & Greet' service?

    Yes, Elegant Charters offers a ‘Meet & Greet’ service. This service involves your driver holding up a sign with your name on it at the airport, ensuring quick pickup and zero hassle.

    3. Does Elegant Charters offer services for long-distance travel?

    Yes, we offer maxi taxi and maxi cab services to and from Perth and other major cities in Australia.

    4. Does Elegant Charters provide baby seats and capsules?

    Yes, Elegant Charters provides baby seats and capsules free of charge.

    5. How many seats are in a maxi taxi?

    A maxi taxi typically has a seating capacity of up to 13. We also offer maxi vans which have up to 24 seats.

    6. Is there surge pricing?

    No. Elegant Charters offers fixed rates with NO surge pricing.

    7. What is a maxi taxi?

    A Maxi Taxi is a larger taxi vehicle designed to accommodate more passengers than a standard taxi. Typically, a Maxi Taxi can seat between 7 to 13 passengers, making it ideal for larger groups, families with a lot of luggage, or passengers with specific requirements. In Australia, especially in cities like Perth, Maxi Taxis are a popular transportation choice for airport transfers, special events, or group outings due to their spaciousness and convenience.

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