Frequently Asked Questions

Why book a Elegant Charters taxi?

• Reliable Service
• No waiting for public transport means no delays, so your commute is stress-free!
• If flights are delayed, taking a private charter is often your best option
• No risk of being late to your destination
• Door-to-door service
• Save time and money

What can you expect from your Elegant Charters?

1. Promptness – Elegant Charters Taxis will always be there for you on time, awaiting your arrival
2. Safety – All of our drivers are trained to drive the safest routes and observe all rules of the road at all times, ensuring that you arrive safe and sound
3. Experience – We know the best routes from Perth Airport to get you there in a wink – plus we’re available any time of day or night
4. Friendly & Reliable – There’s no obstacle too big for our team at Elegant Charters! Expect only top class customer service
5. Value for Money – We work hard to provide a safe and convenient means of travel – so why would we charge more than is needed?

How to get a quick Elegant Charters quote?

If you need a taxi to Elegant Charters, give us a call to 0458 655 640 and we’ll be glad to book one for you. We can also help with providing upfront quotes so that there are no hidden costs – just turn up, hop in and let the friendly driver do the rest!

Where can you find an airport taxi?

Any airport taxi service. For example, Elegant Charters Taxi offers an easy, reliable alternative to car hire – just call with your destination in mind and we will provide a quote over the phone.

Should I use public transport or a private taxi to travel from Scarborough to Hillarys?

Private taxis are more expensive but you get what you pay for.

Why book your airport transfer with us?

Our airport transfers are the only way to get to your destination without being overcharged by other transport operators. Our experienced drivers will pick you up on time with no fuss, then take you straight to the terminal, leaving the worry of finding transport to yourself.

How easy is it to get a cab?

No matter what time of day or night, Elegant Charters operates 24 hours a day to take you seamlessly and safely from Perth airport to your destination. We will never part ways until we’re sure that we delivered the most pleasant and safe cab ride for you and your group.

How can you book a taxi from Jandakot to Perth airport?

Call 0458 655 640 or email

What if your flight is delayed?

We always monitor flights and adjust your booking accordingly

How much does a taxi cost from your front door to Perth airport?

From $49

What is the distance between Perth to Busselton Margaret River Airport?

2 hr 30 min

Why book with shuttle direct?

we been in the business for over 10 years and have 1000’s of satisfied customers

How will i find your taxi driver in Fremantle?

Call 0458 655 640 or email

What is the fastest channel to get from Dawesville to Coogee?

Taxi , private car are direct and faster than public transport

What is the best way to get from Eglinton to Perth Airport?

Elegant Charters is the best option, and it’s also the safest option. Organize your ride beforehand on our website and make sure to get a quote for what you need before accepting. All of our drivers are licensed and experienced. We offer discounted rates if you use an airport taxi service more than once for all your travels in Perth or Eglinton!
So whether you’re looking for a local way to see Perth while traveling with friends or family looking to spend some time sightseeing during your layover we can save you some money and help you figure out how to get from Eglinton into Perth quickly and easily without wasting too much time or money! Our fares start at $49 so check out our specials .

How much is a taxi from Perth airport to South Fremantle?

Starts from $75

How much is a taxi from Perth to Northam?

Starts from $250

How much is a taxi from Gosnells to Busselton Margaret River Airport?

Starts from $250

How much is a taxi from Ellenbrook to Perth Airport?

Starts from $65

How much is a taxi from Mandurah to Quinns Rocks?

Starts from $175

How much is a taxi from Baldivis to Perth Airport?

Starts from $90

How much is a taxi from Rockingham to Perth Airport?

Starts from $100

How much is a taxi from Joondalup to Fremantle?

Starts from $75

How to book a taxi in the Perth?

You can call the taxi company phone numbers or you can book with on the Elegant Charters website by emaling your travel details i.e. date of journey, city, destination , and travel location of your pickup, and finally choose taxis from the list as per your convenience.

How much is chauffeur for hourly hire?

We can offer chauffeur services as little $100 per hour for Mercedes Valentine People Mover