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Cabcharge Perth

Cab charge 

Cabcharge is a taxi fare payment system that allows you to settle your taxi fare by non-cash means. Operated by A2B Australia, it is an account payment system. Here contactless payment is done through e-tickets, payment vouchers,  banking cards, or Cab charge cards.

Cabcharge offers a wide range of cards to suit your needs. For the occasional trip, you can use the Digital Pass valid for a single use. If you are a frequent traveller, use the Fast card for cost control. For care providers and people with mobility challenges, a Community card is ideal. This is a Personalised card meant to make taxi travel easy for the aged and disabled. The Cab charge gift card is a pre-paid travel card ideal for gifting purpose and for limited travel budgets.

Card surcharges 

Cabcharge levies a card surcharge of 10% for a non-cash payment option. This includes debit card or credit card payments.

In Western Australia, NSW, and Victoria, this card surcharge has been reduced to 5%.

At Elegant Charters, we do not charge anything extra other than that stipulated by the Government for card surcharges.

No additional charge 

Some taxi companies apply additional charge for each trip. This might be in the form of cab surcharges. This could be a time surcharge like a 50-Cent Night Surcharge or a location surcharge for airports etc.

Cab charge ensures surge free rates and offers 24×7 support from their Finance team.

No service fee

Certain cab companies even go to the extent of applying a service fee for corporate services and business trips. Not us.

Elegant Charters believes that service is our motto and we do not charge any additional charge for this basic duty of ours.

Option in taxi rides

To help you keep the trip fare range within your budget, Elegant Charters offers various options that you can choose for your taxi ride. These include half day, full day trip options. Or city to city flat cab prices.

Our airport transfers are also flat fares that include airport access fee, parking, etc.

Cost transparency 

At Elegant Charters, we believe in cost transparency. When you book your cab, we give you a fare estimate with specifics in advance. You can also use our Taxi Fare Estimator to calculate the cab fares.

Book in advance 

With Elegant Charters, you can book in advance and save money. Advance bookings are always cheaper and have zero cancellation fee up to 24 hours.

No tips, thank you 

It is our company policy to charge right and serve bright. We do not encourage our taxi driver to accept tips.

With Elegant Charters, you will not only have a pleasant taxi ride but complete cost control over your cab costs.

Key Features

Need to find Reliable Perth Taxis ? At Elegant Charters, we provide taxis Perth relies upon. Whether you need a taxi Perth Airport, Maxi Taxi to travel with family or a Mini Bus for corporate events, we have a large and diverse fleet to meet your needs. We provide a reliable, honest and prompt taxi service at a highly competitive price and have many happy customers who gave us tons of positive reviews and ratings. Our drivers are friendly, knowledgeable, and always on time, plus, they are willing to go the extra mile if you need. They speak English and have an excellent knowledge of the local area.

Cab Charge 27Reliable: Elegant Charters is the most trusted taxi Perth service.

Cab Charge 27100% confirmed booking: When we commit, we deliver – guaranteed bookings every time.

Cab Charge 27Competitive prices: Affordable and comfortable rides offer the best of both worlds.

Cab Charge 27Various payment options: Choose how to pay, as per your convenience.

Cab Charge 27Free Cancellation*: Change of plans? Cancel or reschedule your bookings at , depending upon availability.

Cab Charge 27Quote in 30 sec: Prompt responses ensure your enquiries are answered quickly.

Cab Charge 2724*7 Customer service: On our Elegant Charters taxi phone number, we provide full assistance to your queries and traveling assistance for our taxi Perth services.

Cab Charge 27Clean cars: Because your satisfaction is important to us, we keep our taxis clean.

Cab Charge 27Large taxi fleet: We have a wide range of Sedans, 7-seaters cars, 13-seater Maxi Taxis, 24-seater Mini Bus.