Things you should know about Elegant Charters’ maxi cab

In Perth City, Australia, there are many pleasant things to enjoy. One of them is a ride in an Elegant Charters taxicab.

What is so special about this taxi company or these maxi taxis? Is the best transportation service you can find in Perth? Are these taxi cabs affordable or should you opt for cheap public transport instead?

Also, are these maxi cabs child and disabled-friendly and are they any special features in their services for children or the physically challenged?

So many questions and so many things to learn about Elegant Charters’ maxi cabs.

What is so special about Elegant Charters’ Maxi Cabs?

Elegant Charters has many special things about their taxis.

Wide Range of Transport services

Elegant charters cater to every need of the customer. They offer a wide range of transport services which include

  1. Corporate Transfers
  2. Wedding Transfers
  3. Reliable Airport transfers
  4. Efficient Group Transfers for seminars.meetings, parties, and events.

Their Maxi Cabs are well suited for such group transfers. They can carry up to 13 people in a ride with complete safety.

Customers usually prefer Elegant Charter Maxi cabs for all group outings like picnics, parties, etc. Schools trust Elegant Charters for all school excursions as they keep children safe and comfortable during the rides. Be it bachelorettes or stag events, and hens and bucks parties, Elegant Charters are the best.

Flexible Vehicle options

When you travel as a group, you wish to have a vehicle that houses everyone and offers each a comfortable ride.

With Elegant Charters, you can choose the kind of vehicle you want. Choose from their fleet of taxis which includes limousines, sedans, SUVs, and luxury vehicles.

You can also select the taxi as per the capacity like 4-seater taxis, 7-seater taxis, and 13-seater maxi taxis. For bigger groups, you can opt for the 24-seater minibus. These vehicles are large enough to carry all your baggage even surfboards, skis, bikes, hiking gear, etc

With such flexible vehicle options, Elegant Charters is easily the most preferred taxi service for wedding transportation, corporate events, night parties, etc.

Professional drivers

The next best feature of Elegant Charters is their experienced drivers who can drive you around the city and show you all the popular tourist attractions. They know all the quick routes to evade traffic and ensure the correct time drop at your destination. The experienced chauffeurs pick you up from the travel location on time and are updated about the travel details like flight delays.

Elegant charters’ has a team of drivers who are not just professionals but courteous and helpful too. They offer luggage assistance in luggage loading and unloading for the group.

These polite drivers are well-groomed chauffeurs who tend to every need of yours.

Online booking facility

The worst problem we face with taxi services is waiting in line for the cabs. The other thing is trying the taxi company’s phone number endless times. Both are equally frustrating and an enormous waste of time and effort.

No such hassles with Elegant Charters. You can book your maxi cab online and be worry-free. You can book through their website even through your smartphone. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message. Now, you can relax for your taxi will be at your doorstep or destination at the right time without fail.

Competitive pricing and flexible payment options

The one thing most people fear while booking a cab is the cost of the ride. But, this is one thing we need not worry about with Elegant Charters. No more surge rates that fluctuate as per the time of booking or demand for the vehicles. Their fixed rates match the standard taxi rate in the market. You can pay these affordable prices through credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or EFTPOS. They even have a refund guarantee subject to certain conditions.

24-hour taxi service

You may need a taxi ride at any time of the day or night. Elegant Charters operate around the clock to help you with your timely transfers. They even have advance driver arrival notifications to reduce your tension about the ride.


With Elegant Charters, you can be sure you will have a safe ride. They take all safety precautions by providing amenities like seat belts, infant car seats, etc. Their safe drivers ensure your taxi ride is smooth even in the worst traffic.

Reliable taxi services

When you look for airport transportation or group rides for corporate transfers, you need a taxi service you can rely on. The taxi company should not cancel your reservation or deny your booking at the last moment. When you book. a taxi, you must rest easy knowing that it will arrive. Elegant Charters is a Perth taxi service that you can trust.

Elegant Charters is not just an affordable taxi service, it is a reliable and professional one. Now that you know the best things about this taxi company, book an Elegant Charters Maxi Cab for your future Perth rides.






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