Why Choose Private Charter Taxis Over Other Transport Options?

Travelling from one area to another is an essential and inevitable component of your individual life. You may be required to take a trip because of business or personal factors. There are different means of public transport such as trains, buses, hailed taxis, ridesharing automobiles, and pre-booked charter taxis.

In this post, the experts from Elegant Charters will analyse all possibilities and let you know why you should choose private charter taxis over other transport options.


First off, we have trains. Trains are a popular form of public transport. They quickly get you to where you want to go. Another main issue is that trains are limited in their navigational capabilities. More often than not, they will not take you exactly where you want to go. Instead, you have to again travel from the train station to the restaurant or bowling alley using a different mode of transport. 


Let’s move on to buses. Buses are a bit slower compared to trains, though still fairly popular. They can cover more ground. However, the start-stop method of travel in buses will get tiresome over long distances. Like trains, they are often crowded. You may also need to wait a long time at the bus stop for the bus to show up.

If you are making use of public transport, you will certainly walk to the desired place as well as wait for the train or bus to arrive. Additionally, these public transit vehicles will certainly stop at different places to go down and pick up others. 

Hailed Taxis

The third option is hackney carriages, also known as hailed or street taxis. These are the taxis that move publicly on roads and you can flag them down. They are popular near airports and other crowded places. However, street taxis aren’t always available at your beck and call. It can be tough to hail a taxi on the street sometimes. This may be due to scarcity in the early morning or late night. It may be the opposite, where the taxis are too busy due to rush hour.

Many hailed taxis in Australia use a metre. There is likewise a charge applied to this. Tolls are added on top of the fare as well as a charge card additional charge making the whole journey expense very difficult to determine. You need to be sure you have the cash on you to pay for the fare.


In recent years, ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft, or Ola have become popular. Unlike trains and buses, taxis and ridesharing cars do not regularly stop for breaks or to pick up passengers.

However, during peak hours, rideshare programs generally increase their prices. This is a common practice as surge pricing. Also, since rideshare drivers generally drive their cars, they are only covered by regular vehicle insurance. Finally, there is no overarching regulatory body and many of the vehicles aren’t registered as taxis. The drivers may be unverified and it is not clear whom to contact should any trouble arise.

Private Taxis

Best Private taxis are the safest and quickest way to travel. Unlike private taxis, buses, or trains, you do not need to run to your choices. Furthermore, buses and trains are usually overcrowded. In this case, employing a taxicab is the optimal remedy for persons seeking convenient traveling.

Taxi solutions are more versatile than public transport. As an example, you get the benefit of travelling wherever you want whenever you want. 

With private pre-booked taxis, you are guaranteed a means of getting to your destination and back home. You can enjoy yourself fully at the cinema or mall without worrying or leaving early. 

Taxis are the solution for those looking for an affordable way to travel. This is because it offers ease of use as well as convenience. Our professional taxi  pricing is consistent, so you are not punished because the service is in high demand.

We will also add that during unprecedented times like these, private taxis are a safer option than a crowded vehicle or a stranger’s car. 

Various ways can be used to travel around town, but you should now be convinced that taxis are the best of these numerous transportation options. Elegant Charters is one of the top private charter taxi companies in the Greater Perth region.

We hope this article has been helpful in providing you with some key points to consider when selecting a taxi service. If you have any questions or would like a quote for our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0458 655 640. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.